Journal Entry – Tuesday September 11th 1917

There is now another revolution in Russia. General Korniloff has put himself at the head of the faction & wants to be dictator in opposition to Kerensky. It is difficult to know the true state of affairs, but from what we can gather from the papers, Kerensky is a true patriot, & ought to succeed. It is a terrible model out there.

This morning I drove Arthur’s car into Tavistock all alone, & managed fairly well. I left it there to have its cylinders cleaned, came back in the Buick with father who had come in to have his hair cut.

Yesterday Dorothea Rhona & Elzie all went to Tintagel to stay for a week. On Sunday afternoon LG took a photograph of father in the old pony carriage by the front door & a group of us on the steps. About 53 years ago a similar group was taken of our grandfather in the same carriage, father as a young man standing on the steps.

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