Journal Entry – Tuesday February 20th 1917 Shrove Tuesday

The War Loan has bee a great success. Mr Bonar Law last night in the House made the statement that £700,000,000 had been subscribed & more is coming in. Here in this parish Miss Miller has taken it up & has collected £113 chiefly through the children of the school. It is extraordinary what a number of people have a hoard of gold & we were asked long ago to give up all gold.

Father & Arthur went in to Tavistock to Kelly College meeting consequently the former was not able to make his famous quotation at lunch. In afternoon the Drewes came over.

America is still considering. They seem to be waiting to see if the Submarine warfare is to be a failure or not. If it is, as our own navy confidently affirms is so, America will not come in. Mr Wilson will make another speech & all will settle down again.

Heard from Agnes yest. The mails are very irregular now. She has almost made up her mind to abandon her home coming. It would be very unwise, even if she did come on a Union Castle Liner, in which so it is said the Kaiser has shares & that is why none have been sunk.

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