Journal Entry – Tuesday February 13th 1917

Mr Gerard has left Berlin, but still America is uncertain about what she intends to do, it almost seems now as if she will patch it up again on as before.

The thaw has come at last but the wind is still cold. Yest Dorothea went to Buckfastleigh & I walked over to Landue with bag in hand & spent the night there, Sophie & Mrs Tregonning were the only ones at home. I had a most pleasant evening there. Mrs T amused me much by her views on the war & was exceedingly bitter against the Prussians & looks upon the whole nation as one vast crowd of sinners, & our nation as one of saints, & our soldiers as quite perfect wheras I know differently.

To day I came home again, Sophie drove me as far as the bottom of Hexworthy Hill. Got back at 3 & proceeded to do the flowers in the Library. I wonder what other people have quantities of hot house flowers nowadays as we have, it seems really wrong. The energy spent on them might be employed in growing food supplies, but what can we do? Anyhow it is very pleasant filling the library with pots of freesias, cyclamen, primroses, vases of camellias & one vase of lovely Eucharis Lilies & pink orchids.

Father came home from his trip to London looking well & free from cold.

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