Journal Entry – Sunday March 25th 1917

Another fine day. We were excited this morning at seeing 21 pheasants in the field by the lawn. Elizabeth & Philippa were very interested.

In the afternoon went down to Yalford to inquire for Nora Guscott who is very ill.

The revolution in Russia is a big thing. The Emperor and Empress are prisoners. Our if only Germany would follow suit & pop the Kaiser & his sons into a prison, perhaps the war would cease. Am reading Wells’ new book, “War & the future.” In it he states that the development of the tanks will be perhaps the means by which all walls will cease. It is a very cheering book to read just now, as the writer makes out that both ourselves & the French are far ahead of the Germans in artillery & air craft.

This is the man told me in the hospital as long ago as last summer stop so as the days get longer so will our prospects get brighter, & before another winter the war may be over.

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