The Tea Room

The Old Kitchen (Now our Tudor Tea Room)

The Old Kitchen had been used as a storage area for many years. During that period Jackdaws had nested in the chimney, leaving a huge pile of debris in the ancient fireplace.

With the help of volunteer Students from the Surveying and Environment course at Plymouth University, the fireplace has been cleared of the pile of debris, the room cleared of decades of ‘stored’ machinery and building materials, and one can now see the extent of the hearth and many of the fittings.

With further restoration we were eventually to bring the room back to a state where it can be used for functions, including a twelfth night dinner and an evening meal for some of our fantastic volunteers.

The Old Kitchen now has resumed a central role in the life of the house as our Tea Room on Open and Tour Days, and the venue for a series of themed candlelit dinners.