Journal Entry – Wednesday August 29th 1917

Betty Wyberg, Nicholas & I set off for Endsleigh this morning. The sky was grey & overcast, but the wind was in, & the glass rising so we started. The car took us to the Lodge, & we walked down by the Swiss cottage went up the dairy Dell & down to the river & walked all along to Greystone bridge. The river was a raging brown torrent like a winter stream, we had lunch in the boat by the ferry & gradually the sky cleared & actually the Sun came out.

By Cartha Martha we saw two Buzzards at the bridge. The car passed with father & Dorothea on their way to Hexworthy. We lay in the hedge too tired to go further & waited until their return.

Today there is an Allied International socialistic conference in London, Mr Creswell who was with us last week is the representative for South African labour. One cannot see what will be the result of such conferences, as they do not represent the various nations, only a minority of opinion in the various nations.

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