Journal Entry – Wednesday April 4th 1917

Winter back again. All last week the wind was bitter & on Thursday morning there was snow. Every day since it has snowed & on Monday, Tuesday extra special line in snowstorms, with high wind.

Father has had a very nasty cold, being on the for more than a week & children also have colds.

Yesterday I went to Exeter to meet Nicholas, had a perilous journey to the station, the snow balled in the Abbots hoofs, Wilcox had to lead him down the steep hill. At Exeter had only two hours.

Went to Number One hospital, saw Bert Clogg. He is getting on very slowly. Had lunch at 30 E.S. may be very adorable, she can walk now, but was too astonished at my appearance to speak.

Rob W may be called up any time now, although why no one knows. The same hopeless muddle is going on over the doctors as the clergy. The OC of number one hospital, Mr Candler who was a skilled surgeon has been removed from his work as head of the hospital where he has been since it was started in 1914 & sent to Blackpool where he is now drilling & forming fours etc which any fool can do.

I met M at Queen Street & bought him safely home. Snow fell heavily the whole way from Tavistock.

This morning we see in the paper that Pres Wilson has declared for war against Germany. He made a wonderful speech, in Congress & now it rests with the latter to declare war. Wilson says that America is coming in on the side of humanity.

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