Journal Entry – Thursday June 21st 1917

The longest day, & certainly does seem long, for since the new arrangement of the time, the evenings are so light. It is very convenient, for we have no need of any lamps. All is going well. Father gain strength each day, he comes into the dining room for lunch & dinner, wheeling himself about in the wheelchair. On Sunday he was carried into church & returned thanks publicly for his recovery.

Mr Moore went off today to Scarborough. He came in last night to say goodbye, wearing his uniform. It is absurd to dress the clergy up as if they were officers.

On Tuesday night a measure for women’s suffrage was passed in the House of Commons.

Miss Moore has been home for the week end, from her I hear plenty of hospital gossip.

One thought on “Journal Entry – Thursday June 21st 1917

  1. Pippa Spring

    Thank you very much for keeping the diary going when you must be very busy. I remember in WW2 when the husband of one of my father’s Bank colleagues was listed missing. No news, all still hoping : then his death as a Japanese POW confirmed, only after that his few letters began to arrive. One of my saddest memories.

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