Journal Entry – Thursday April 19th 1917

George Collinson has been killed in an aeroplane accident in Scotland. He was buried yesterday morning in Mary Stowe churchyard. Father Dorothea & I went over to the service. Mrs Collinson we hear is wonderfully brave, but it is a terrible blow to her, as he was all she lived for, & he was such a nice boy & good son.

The fighting in France is now terrific. The French have begun their attack & taken 17,000 prisoners & many guns, our army is also taking many prisoners, & making furious attacks on the enemy. It really seems now as if the end might come soon.

Yest a Mr Franchelain suddenly appeared. He is a friend of Franks & is on his way to B.E. Africa & got held up at Plymouth. His ship does not intend to sale until the 26th so what with Charlotte, Tim Belts & the children we are a large party.

Father went away today to Salcombe, the change will do him good.

This afternoon the dear little Shottie dog passed away and stop it had to be, as he was so infirm & old. Father could not bring himself to say the word, & was glad for me to do so.

“Faith & love of country gave his soul wins, & he soared upwards in strong flight towards all that is good, beautiful, true, & great.”
This was the inscription that Mrs Collinson wrote, & put on the wreath

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