Journal Entry – Sunday May 13th 1917

A terrible, an awful thing happened on Monday evening. Father was standing outside the boiling house talking to Eli with his gun under his arm when it slipped & fell to the ground & went off the charge entering his left foot.

I was weeding the border by the front door when it happened. Beatrice came running to me with the news of the accident, I went & found him lying on the ground. Ballsdon Eli & Lane got a door & we put him on it & carried him in and got him to bed & I tied up the foot as best I could. It was a ghastly wound. He was conscious the whole time & never showed any sign of collapse. The doctor came within an hour, & dressed the wound but said that amputation was necessary. I wired for a nurse, at 930 the doctor came again & said we had better send the car to Plymouth for one. We did so but there was not one to spare, so all the night we sat up with him, Ellis & I getting a little rest alternately. He was wonderful, quite calm & collected. We gave him Morphia three times & at 630 he got a little sleep. All that next day we were preparing the spare room for the operation which took place at 430 & was successful. A nurse came with the surgeon from Plymouth, & sat up that night.

The next few days were terribly anxious ones, he seemed in such a critical condition but today Sunday he is really better.

Yesterday morning Reginald came, & in the afternoon Mary Ursula Juliana & in the evening Evelyn. Arthur came on Wednesday, so we are all together in case anything should happen.

It is a glorious & beautiful day. All the trees & the blossom bursting into bloom & leaf.

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