Journal Entry – Sunday March 11th 1917

Another wet Sunday. In Thursday’s paper was an account of a Home Rule Debate in the House. The Government are now independent of the Irish Vote, & although the Home Rule has been passed yet now Lloyd George turns round & says that Home Rule can be for those who want it, which means that Ulster is to be left out. This naturally makes Irishmen very angry as they consider they have been badly treated, & so they have.

This affair & the publication of the Report of the Commission on the Dardanelles has made the week a depressing one. The latter has shown up what a hopeless muddle the whole thing was & how all that slaughter & failure was due to the bickerings and quarrels of those in authority.

Truly it can be said that although men have always claimed their ability to rule the world, so far they have made a poor job of it.

Ellis went to Wimbledon on Tuesday for her holiday. She has been very run down. Elizabeth & Philippa have had heavy colds but are better now. They are a dear little couple, I cannot imagine how we could have got through the winter without them, they are so full of life and happiness.

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