Journal Entry – Sunday April 29th 1917

A whole week of perfect weather. Bright sun, but still not really hot, as the wind is cold. Mary Shaw came here on Thursday. Mr Franchelian went away that day. His ship was supposed to sale in the afternoon from Plymouth for Mombasa, via Cape Town. We hope he will have time to see Agnes on the way.

I had the letter affixed to this page on Wednesday, from Mrs Collinson. It is a wonderful example of unselfish bravery, in its there is no word of herself or her sorrow, truly the world is full of beautiful characters.

On Friday Lloyd George made a wonderful speech in the Guildhall explaining why there was this shortage & saying that it was all because nothing was done to prevent it during the first years of the war, chiefly I suppose owing to “old wait & see.”

Old men cannot see the need of prompt & energetic action, but Lloyd George sees, & acts. He states that 1 million more acres of land is under tillage now than this time last year. If only there was more done in that way here.

I am digging up my foul runs, mean to plant them with potatoes. Mary Shaw has helped me, Charlotte comes & sits on a hen coop & encourages us with words of wisdom, while we toil with large & heavy implements.

Today has been a perfect Sunday, calm & peaceful. We went into town with Nicholas & Elizabeth & picked primroses to centre Mary, she likes to have them in the office to cheer up the other clerks.

Letter affixed:

11 Forbes Terrace

24 April

Dear Margaret
I must right at once to thank you for the cascade of roses and for taking it on St Georges Day. I am so glad they were there.

I had meant to take them up for his hat on his Saints Day, I always consider them to look so beautiful.

Yours affectionately,

Julia Collinson

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