Journal Entry – Saturday May 26th 1917

Very warm day, thundery in evening.

Father is getting on slowly, but has more pain & this afternoon it was extra bad. Mr Bush came to see him, which cheered him up & helped him to forget it.

We heard yesterday that Mary has measles.

Lloyd George in the house yesterday made a cheery speech in which he said that the number of ships sunk this month was fewer than those sunk in April, & that we hoped through the help of America to overcome the submarine danger. This coincides with something that cousin Addy wrote & told us of at the beginning of this week, she heard from a naval man that we were doing very well against the U-boats.

Italy has made a great success against the Austrians, taken 10,000 prisoners.

Still no news of Bob if only we could hear from him it would help father so.

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