Journal Entry – Monday February 26th 1917

Another move forwards on the Ancre. Serre has been taken. The Germans have withdrawn their troops. We have now at this point in front of our trenches a piece of ground unbroken with shell holes.

Lloyd George has made a statement that certain imports are to be forbidden, but that will not affect us much.

The potatoe question is a very burning one, the price is very high & some people think that farmers are holding up supplies in case that the price should go up. In the meantime poor people who depend very largely upon potatoes for food have to pay a high price, 1d a pound instead of ½ as formerly.

Bert clogg has been moved to Exeter No 1 hospital. He stood the journey fairly well but he sounds pretty bad.

I walked over to Marystowe on Sat & saw Mrs Newman. She was up for the first time & very weak.

Mrs Moore went away on Thursday for a couple of months, she has found life in the country very trying during this winter.

To day I sent off 8 knitted waistcoats to the Mayoress’s Depot, they were made by the servants at our Tuesday work parties in the Hall. On Sat I sent off 6 night shirts made of the vilest flannelette & with the exception of 2 all made wrong. So few women can make a shirt. They went to the Mayoress’s Depot.

To No 2 Hospital went 14 Lavatory [wash] Cloths made by the people who would not come to the work parties. To Bob Cardwell who is in France I sent 10 pairs of socks. Sophie told me he had been asking for some for his regiment. So altogether we feel we have done something in this parish during the winter.

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