Journal Entry – Friday March 16th 1917

Bag dad is taken by our army. It was entered on Sunday & by now they are about 30 miles n of it. This ought to mean something, anyhow it cheers us up. In to days paper is the startling news that the Tsar has abdicated. There have been terrible riots in Petrograd, food riots. & Now the Duma wishes to have real power instead of being a mere letter. There is also a feeling that the government & the Imperial party are in the pay of the Germans. This however is only what we gather from the newspapers of the real state of affairs, we can know nothing.

To day & yest have been beautiful as regards the weather, at last spring is really felt. The daffodils are at last showing themselves, but not one out. I picked the first Primrose this morning by the upper pond.

Elizabeth & Philippa went ploughing with Fred Yole. I have made them green armlets in imitation of these given to the women workers on the land, & they are immensely proud of them, and are under the impression that they are helping, & doing national work. Philippa planted two little pieces of Holly in one of the furrows, she said it would be such a surprise to the corn when it comes up to find two holly trees already planted.

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