Journal Entry – Tuesday August 4th 1914

Father, Dorothea & I went to Plymouth. In train read Sir Edward Grey’s wonderful speech*1, and Germany’s demand to go through Belgium. After seeing the dentist we went on to the Hoe & watched the holiday crowds sporting themselves. From the Breakwater came flash light signals & all around Drake’s Island were a number of destroyers. Plymouth itself did not seem excited. The shops, especially the grocery departments were having a great run on them. Large orders of stores being presented. Householders in rather a panic. Stella Donville came. *1 Wikipedia Link – Edward Grey Speech

A Day to Go

In one days time – on Saturday 2nd August – we will start blogging Margaret Clare Kelly’s War Journal. A brief explanation is in order, so this journal can remain as honest as possible! Margaret did not buy the physical book in which she wrote her thoughts until roughly a week after the war began – it then being obvious that she would want to record her observations for posterity. She then transcribed her words in to the new tome, and we are able to read them 100 years on. If you have any questions or comments related to the...